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So today, I’m going to explain a bit more about the Family Carer’s Card and it’s benefits. I noticed lately, how few people know about the this card or where to get it.

Family Carers Ireland (FCI) is the national charity representing Ireland’s 355,000+ family carers who provide care in the home to loved ones, family members, relatives, friends and neighbours of all ages. Their main focus is on the carer and supporting them. FCI understand that being a family carer, although rewarding doesn’t go without it’s fair share of struggles. They not only assist carers in maintaining routine but also represent us at a public level.

FCI have over 60 support groups nationwide because they have the belief that no carer should go unsupported or feel alone.
Counselling is a great tool and during these strange times, that’s not now possible in a lot of situations. Considering we have so much more stresses at the moment, FCI have taken their counselling sessions online and over the phone for their members. You can contact them on freephone 1800 24 07 24. To learn more about their counselling sessions you can click here.

There’s a whole host of benefits to being a member of Family Carers Ireland. There are numerous venues and attractions that offer free entry for carers and this card gets you those discounts. Attractions such as Dublin Zoo, Airfield House and Gardens, Cinema entry (check with your local cinema first), Tayto Park, Trabolgan Holiday Village, Dingle Aquarium, select hotels and many many more.
The best part about this card is it’s available to not only the carer, but if you are a friend of a carer or former carer you can avail of the card too for the annual fee of €20. If you are a young carer under the age of 24 you get the card for FREE.

You can apply for the card by clicking here or visit where you will find an abundance of information on the benefits and the great work that this organisation has to offer. You will receive your card in the post a few days after application.

I can’t recommend this card enough, aside from the supports and counselling offered, the discounts they’ve worked hard to avail of are of so much benefit to a family. The minimal annual fee couldn’t be put to better use support us carers and our families. The free carer access offers can be the difference of being able to afford to visit somewhere or not for some families, or even being able to visit even more places. It’s so important for our mental health as carers but also for our children to get out and experience as much as possible of the world and this card can be an excellent tool to help achieve that.

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